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 How we came to be:

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Urban Blaine


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PostSubject: How we came to be:   Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:48 pm

The Coalition, or otherwise known as the Demons Syndicate, was formed many millennia ago by the Primum, Urban Blaine Enoch. More in-depth history will be included in Urban’s

Due to his species and its special requirement when it comes to feeding, Urban roamed alone for eons after the destruction of his own family – the cannibals having feasted on one another in a completely primal reign of terror until he himself devoured the last of his kin. As he roamed the lands, Urban met very few who would tolerate his presence and often avoided contact. It wasn’t until he finally met another demon who was also ostracized and exiled that an idea began to boil within his mind. A coalition of both free will and organization. Both attributes which could keep those within the group free and able to choose their own path, yet keep them under enough control that terror didn’t reign down as in his first years of life.

The group was first known as the Coalition – welcoming any and all canines brave enough to join or who had been outcast from their homes. It later developed into the Demons Syndicate after Urban demolished and devoured many of the old population due to the nature of the members. Many died that day but just as many simply left to make their own way. Granted, Urban makes sure to keep order as best he can.
The groups history is a short one – mainly due to how it simply formed on a whim. Thus far, it has formed into a very small coalition of canines and demons alike.
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How we came to be:
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