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 Aging Cycle

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PostSubject: Aging Cycle   Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:36 pm

This group is Realistic, which means age is being counted, however, by your own pace. You can go either by your own age cycle, or by this one. NO immortals.

Time Calculation
1 RL Day = 6 FH Days
1 RL Week = 1 FH Month
1 RL Month = 6 FH Months
2 RL Months = 1 FH Year
4 RL Months = 2 FH Years

Aging for Pups and Teens
-- From newborn or whatever age you join (if below 6 months), you will age 1 FH month for every 1 RL week.
-- At 6-9 months old, you will be tagged as a Teen (xII).
-- As a teen, you are to remain a teen for 1 RL month (6 FH months), or age same as the Pup (1 FH month = 1 RL week) until you reach 1 year.
-- At age 1 year,  you will receive your Initiation and become a full fledged Bairn of Burning Blood, a Soldier (XVI).
-- At age 1 and ranked, you will be allowed to court for a mate.
-- At age 2 and ranked, you will be allowed to breed pups.

As and Adult
-- For every 2 RL months, you will age 1 FH year.
-- Or you can age 1 FH month per 1 RL week.
-- Must be 2+ years to qualify as a full grown breeding canine.

Becoming Old
-- Characters that have reached 12+ years.
-- Are expected to pass at ages 16-18 years MAX.

-- From Pup to Teen, you may grow 2 sizes.
-- At age 1 year, you may grow to your final size, but afterwards, stop growing.
-- Let the leaders know if you miscalculated your size.
-- (( Choose size wisely, you're only given 2 chances to change it. ))
-- MAXIMUM SIZE: 4.6 Feet (at shoulder).
-- MINIMUM SIZE: 2.5 Feet (at shoulder).

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Aging Cycle
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