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PostSubject: God-Modding/Power-Play/Meta-Gaming   Tue May 20, 2014 12:58 am


o The tendency to mark your character as an immortal being incapable of death and/or damage.
o Most Strongest.
o Most Fastest.
o Most Smartest.
o Able to dodge.
o Able to 'automatically' hit.
o Able to heal faster (or not get hurt at all).
o Simply 'God-like' features and immunity.
o Ignores ANY form of wound(s) received during/after a fight.

To put it bluntly, Power-Play is:
o The usage of 'powers' either during regular RP, or during a fight.
o Usage of enhanced speed/strength/telepathy/etc.

o Fire powers
o Electric powers
o Demon powers

O RP Example of PP:
o Ex: The black lamia's eyes began to illuminate bright crimson as darken silhouettes began to surround her frame, emitting a strange and heinous aura. The shadows soon rose from the domicile and morphed into pure obsidian protoplasmic forms. With a heinous growl, she sent the forms to charge at her advisory with intentions of having them rip the poor soul into shreds.

O For demonic characters, some things may be allowed. BUT mainly in genetic form such as: Horns, abnormal features (eyes, tongues, ears, tails, etc), size, elongated claws/fangs, and so on.
o IF you wish for your character to have something not listed here, you are free to consult/mention it to the Admins and see if it's allowed.

O Basically, when you read the profile/bio of another character and/or member OOC and then magically know EVERYTHING about them IC. This is not allowed. IC you are to be strangers.

O Exceptions:
o Joining with a friend and agreeing to know the other already.
o Joining with a friend you have intentions of being mated to in the future.
o Asking permission of setting up a history together.
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